I was referred to Dr. Ulm when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, by a friend who also had breast cancer, and had an amazing experience with him. Once I met with Dr. Ulm, I knew I did not need a second opinion. He fully explained the reconstruction process since I would be having a double mastectomy. I don’t think there was anything he didn’t cover. I never expected the amazing results I got!! It was a process to put me back together, but he made it all so “easy” and pleasant. I had many appointments with him. He always took his time, never rushed you out, and made you feel like a priority!! After a year of reconstruction with him, and I knew he was incredible surgeon, I decided to treat myself to a tummy tuck. Omg!! I absolutely love my results!! I would not trust just any surgeon to such a big surgery, but with Dr. Ulm, I was not worried AT ALL!! And once again my results were beyond what I expected!! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Ulm!!! Do not look any further!! I promise you will not be disappointed!! I am so grateful for the confidence he has given back to me!!!