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Body of a woman


A lot of people struggle with targeting excess fat in specific areas of their body using traditional methods of fat reduction like dieting and exercise. In these cases, the best way to eliminate the extra bulk around the body is with liposuction. At Ulm Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC, we have provided countless patients with the results they are looking for through liposuction.

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Mommy Makeover

Becoming a mother is a wonderful thing. But the changes a woman’s body goes through during the process of pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing are staggering. After this, many new mothers realize how much they have changed, not just emotionally but physically as well. That is where a mommy makeover can help.

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Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck, otherwise known as an abdominoplasty, is one of the more popular surgical procedures available today. The goal of the procedure is to remove excess fat and skin around the abdomen, as well as tighten lax muscles that may have stretched or separated during pregnancy.

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