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Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer Procedure CharlestonFat transfer to either the breast or face is a cutting-edge procedure that continues to grow in popularity. A fat transfer, also called fat grafting or autologous fat transfer, takes excess fat from one area of the body and uses it to enhance another area. If you’re curious about fat transfer to the breast or face in Charleston, SC, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Ulm and his staff will be happy to help.

Natural Breast Enhancements via Fat Transfer

Patients in search of a way to enhance their breast size and projection without implants can benefit from a fat transfer breast augmentation. This technique is often seen as more natural than implant-based augmentation. It involves injections of fat in specific areas of the breasts to increase their volume.

Dr. Ulm performs natural breast enhancements via fat transfer for patients who have enough excess fat to be harvested and are not looking to increase their breast size significantly.

Fat Transfer Results Charleston, SC

Facial Fat Transfer

For patients looking to restore a more youthful facial appearance without traditional dermal filler products or a surgical facelift, facial fat transfer is an excellent solution. It uses fat cells to naturally fill in age lines, folds, depressions, and acne scars. Frown lines, crow’s feet, hollow temples, and other signs of aging can be treated with this method.

What Is the Fat Grafting Process Like?

A fat transfer procedure in Charleston, SC starts with harvesting the fat that will be used to create a new volume in the breasts or face. This is an autologous procedure, meaning the fat is taken from the patient’s own body. Autologous procedures have lower rates of rejection and allergic reactions.

Fat can be harvested from any area where there is excess fat; common areas include the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

Harvesting fat is accomplished through a technique called liposuction. This starts with anesthesia to numb the chosen area. A cannula (a thin tube) is inserted into the area, and vacuum suction is then employed to remove the excess fatty tissue through the cannula.

The harvested fatty tissue is then purified, a process involving the removal of any excess materials and dead and damaged fat cells. This leaves healthy fat cells for grafting. Healthy cells have a better chance of connecting to the blood supply in their new location, which leads to longer-lasting results.

Finally, the healthy fat cells are injected into the breasts to create a new volume in specific locations or into the face to fill in wrinkles and depressions. This process takes a high degree of technical skill.

I had breast cancer in 2017, Dr. Ulm has done my reconstruction, fat grafting (twice), a lift and implant on the non cancer breast. He makes you feel like the only patient in the world. He was always patient and kind to me even though I may have been a pain. I had plenty of plastic surgeon options closer to home but I drove and still drive the 2 hrs to see him. Although because of the cancer my breasts will never look like the originals, he did a fantastic job of making them look the same as each other and I love them now.

The Benefits of Fat Transfer

Because the fat is taken from areas of the body where there is excess, the treatment has the added benefit of body contouring. In addition, using the body’s own fat means there is no dealing with foreign objects, which decreases any risks associated with the procedure.

Fat transfer offers long-lasting benefits with natural-looking results!

Fat Transfer in Charleston, SC is a great option for patients looking for a comprehensive body contouring procedure like a mommy makeover.

Healing After a Fat Transfer

The harvest and grafting areas will have a minor degree of swelling and bruising for a time, but these issues will fade with the help of cold compresses. For breast augmentation with fat grafting in Charleston, SC, patients will need to wear a supportive bra without an underwire.

Most patients can go back to work within a week from the date of the fat transfer to the breast/face. Physically taxing activities like sports and heavy exercise should be avoided for several weeks.

It will be important to be gentle with the grafting areas since the fat cells will still be settling into their new locations. The greater number of fat cells that survive the transfer, the more volume will remain in the area.

Fat Transfer Surgery Charleston

Fat Transfer Breast/Face Cost

The cost of a plastic surgery procedure can feel like a prohibitive factor to many patients. At Ulm Plastic Surgery, we work with patients regarding their facial fat transfer cost or fat transfer to the breast cost. During your consultation, you can find out more about our financing options with Prosper Healthcare Lending.

Find Out More with a Consultation

At Ulm Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jason Ulm frequently performs fat transfer in Charleston, SC to the breast and/or face in Charleston, SC. To schedule your informative and personal fat grafting consultation, contact us today and make an appointment.

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