Once the breast cancer diagnosis was made, the need for a mastectomy determined;I decided to have breast reconstruction. My breast surgeon offered a list of plastic surgeons to provide what was needed.

The procedure in which I was interested was only offered in Charleston. I scheduled an interview with Dr. Jason Ulm. He listen to my story and the concerns that my husband and I had.

Dr. Ulm then laid out the options available, indicating the pros and cons of each procedure. We were shown photographs of completed and in process procedures. Any additional questions and concerns were addressed. We were asked to take time to think over all we had been told and contact the office in a few days. Which we did and another visit was made.

The tram flap was the procedure for which I opted. At the second visit, Dr. Ulm provided additional details and what to expect the day of the surgery and post-op.

During both visits, Dr. Ulm was open to questions and concerns. He was friendly, reassuring and professional. I felt comfortable and satisfied with the choices we had made.

While the procedure I selected required longer recovery period, I had no problems during my hospitalization ( surgery on Friday and home on Monday). Each day I was visited by Dr. Ulm or one of his associates.

Follow up visits have been handled in a timely manner. Again any questions or concerns were addressed.

During the entire process, Dr. Ulm explained procedures and expected results. Any questions and concerns were addressed as they arose. He considered our opinions before making suggestions. He listened carefully to our questions and concerns.

I would highly recommended Dr. Ulm to friends, family and anyone interested.
I feel the entire process went as smoothly as possible. My husband and I are very pleased with the results.